Out of

A jersey demanding equality in sports.

The most important jersey in bandy. Ever.

What you see in the lines of Skutskär’s new jersey are answers. Answers to demeaning comments related to female sports. The players themselves have told things they have heard. It has then been transformed into positive answers. For example, ““one could think you’re a man with your determination” and ”women’s sports are not sports” have been answered with sentences like “my determination has got nothing to do with gender” and ”women’s sports are sports”.  With this, we want to say that it is enough. Stop. This is not okay. Everyone has the right to practice sports. On the same terms, on the same pitch. We call the new shirt Out Of Line.

"I think this entire initiative is fantastic. To make a difference, we need to talk about these stuff. I’m behind you 100 %!"

Josefine Holmgren, Swedish national team, ice hockey

"Skutskärs IF has chosen to go their own way with their investment in their women’s bandy team. They are now taking another step with a jersey that speaks for itself."

Arbetarbladet/Gefle Dagblad

"I root for you in your first game of the season on Saturday, and I will be rooting for you this season out!"

Clara Henry, Swedish media profile

About Skutskärs IF

When Skutskär in 2017 started up their women’s team again, many people raised their eyebrows. Not because a team was started, but because the financial resources were distributed equally between the men’s and women’s teams. Something that should be taken for granted in all sports clubs. Three straight Swedish Championship finals later, Skutskär has proven to all their doubters that women’s sports are here to stay.

About Grit

Grit Sportswear is started by the elite bandy player Patrik Johansson. With the players in focus, Grit wants to move bandy and all sports forward, one step at the time. An important part of this is to embrace people who never give up – whether it’s regarding a long-term injury or standing up in the fight for equality. Therefore, Grit is very proud to be able to present the new collaboration with Skutskärs IF.


There’s a saying that a Zebra doesn’t change its stripes. Hopefully this isn’t true when it comes to our new jersey, ”Out Of Line”. With the initiative #IdrottÄrFörAlla – meaning ”sports are for all” in Swedish – we also want to encourage more athletes who go against the gender stereotype in their sport to tell their stories. Together we can make a difference. Make your voice heard, too.